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Current as at Saturday, 15 December 2018 18:50 EST


When a significant or widespread unscheduled Service Disruption occurs, Telstra will aim to post information on this page within 1 hour of the incident occurring and provide regular updates until the service is restored.

For the latest Service Status information, regularly refresh this page.

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Current Events

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Scheduled Service Disruptions

  Scheduled Service Disruptions  Status
Green   No Scheduled Service Disruptions.
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Recent Events  - last 0-9 , 10-19 , 20-29 , 30-39 , 40-49 , 50-59  days.

 Recent Events Status
Green   No recent events for the period 05/12/2018 to 15/12/2018
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Note: This page does not cover issues with your dial up internet access if your provider is not BigPond or Telstra. Please contact your Internet Service Provider directly.

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Important Notice

Warning: Hoax email attempting to capture customer billing information and credit card details. This most recent hoax email is known to have the subject line: please update your BigPond credit card
The email advises Members that we were unable to process their most recent payment for their bill. It asks members to confirm and update billing information to prevent their service being interrupted. The email directs you to a false BigPond page to login.
This email is designed to trick Members into providing their details which can then be used to gain unauthorised access to your service.
If you receive this email, delete it. For an example of the latest threat Click Here